Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Shows.

The next Apostille show is on Friday 29th at 113. The show will be with Le Cercle Des Mallissimalistes who judging from this video will be performing a sweaty guitar ritual en masse in the London heat.
Le cercle des Mallissimalistes from Hartzine on Vimeo.
This band features Jan who's always very accommodating in Bordeaux and also plays in a great avant pop group called Chocolat billy. After that the next scheduled show is on the 24th of July with Mazes at the Seabright Arms.. more on that later.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Wild World. Don't Think.

A busy few weeks have passed. The next Apostille show will be in Brighton for Sex is Disgusting's Wild World festival. Sex is Disgusting are good friends and have been responsible for some of the best D.I.Y. shows in Brighton. 'Wild World' is their farewell bash and has a great line up. The Apostille set will be on Sunday 3rd of June at 3pm. Also playing that day are Design A Wave, R. Stevie Moore, Keel Her and Mazes amongst others. I'll be debuting a new song. and will be carrying some of the Birthday Tapes split with Meddicine. There's also some new shows scheduled for the end of June, more on that soon.