Tuesday, 7 August 2012

See Everyone. Terror Bird show.

One of my favourite artists this century is Terror Bird, ostensibly the recording moniker of Nikki Never. I booked a tour for Terror Bird last year which re-defined the idea of 'shoe-string budget,' producing many laughs on the way. Terror Bird's first release in the UK was 'Outside' which I was fortunate enough to release in February of last year. So it's with a lot of pride and excitement to announce that I'm hosting her only 2012 UK show at the Waiting Room (formerly the Drop) in Stoke Newington, London. Also playing will be Bomber Jackets who haven't played a show since the release of their recent EP on Night School 'Centurion Travel' EP. For purely selfish reasons Apostille completes the bill. The show takes place on September 4th. 8pm.

In the meantime. See Everyone.

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